August 25

First Week of High School

My first week of High School went good, it was filled with trying to find my classes and adjusting to everything. It was different then Middle School was, but it was a good different. You get more freedom in the high school, to where in the middle school you are treated like little kids and don’t get to do very much. I like high school a lot more then middle school. I hope it stays this way because I like it here, at least so far I do.

October 30

Genius Hour Project

The topic of my genius hour project is called Shoes 4 Kidz. I will gather a whole bunch of shoes and do a fundraiser to make the money I need to send the shoes over to Africa. I chose this topic because I want to prove to people that just because I’m a kid doesn’t mean I can’t do extraordinary things. I have started my research and found where I’m going to send them and that the cause of needing shoes. The cause of needing shoes in Africa is because there are a bunch of preventable diseases there. So if we get the shoes there it could just get rid of almost all the preventable diseases to the human foot and keep their feet safe. If their feet are safe, I will feel really good about myself and about the things that I am doing to change the world. That is why I want to do this generous thing.


October 23

Genius Hour Project #2

My Genius Hour is sending shoes to Africa, it is called Shoes 4 Kidz. I am done with my research and ready to get the actual project started. I am going in front of the White Oak Community Church and announcing it to White Oak about the shoe drive to send to Africa.. I really hope I get a lot of shoes to help the people in Abuja, Nigeria in Africa. I will be having a car wash fundraiser to try and raise enough money so the I can send the shoes over to Abuja. Africa is a very dirty place and I want to do everything I can to get them some of the things they need to make it that much cleaner. I hope this turns out great and that once I do get them to Africa I hope all the kids there are happy and become disease free.