August 25

First Week of High School

My first week of High School went good, it was filled with trying to find my classes and adjusting to everything. It was different then Middle School was, but it was a good different. You get more freedom in the high school, to where in the middle school you are treated like little kids and don’t get to do very much. I like high school a lot more then middle school. I hope it stays this way because I like it here, at least so far I do.

May 19

Presidential Stands On Gun Control


Hopeful From Political parties Present Stance on Gun Control Has this stance changed? If so, how?
Hillary Clinton New York Democrat She thought guns were terrible and did think we should have gun control. yes She says let’s not worry about that let the states work it out.
Ted Cruz canada Republican He thinks it is a good thing that we have guns and doesn’t want to take away guns. no
Bernie Sanders vermont Democrat He also thinks that we should have some gun control. no
Donald Trump New York Republican He thinks guns are good because they save lives of others. no
May 19

Swallowing Stones Book Review

Swallowing Stones
By Joyce McDonald
Reviewed By Jake Maxted

The author of the book, Joyce McDonald, “Swallowing Stones” tries to make you feel like you are in the story. The beginning of this book is so peaceful and not discomforting. Then it starts to turn really quick. And there are some big surprises.

Michael is starting to get worried because he is the one who shot the guy and tries to hide it. He has a friend named Joe, who is not so good of a guy. They start to think it was him, but in the end he wasn’t the one who killed Charlie Ward.

Jenna is the one who’s dad was shot and throughout the book is very suspicious of Michael. She is pretty sure he is the one who did it. But she wants to find out for herself if he is the one who really did it.

In the end Michael turned himself in and Jenna can finally rest in peace. She no longer has to worry about the killer and if he is still out there. It is an amazing book and you should read it. That is my book review over “Swallowing Stones.”